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Teacher Interface


With the internet providing ample distractions, it is hard to keep students focused on the task at hand. Sanako Study provides you with a suite of functions designed to keep you in control: Internet disabling, locking student keyboard and mouse, monitoring, controlled web-browsing, examination mode, thumbnail views of student workstations etc.


Use tools that are familiar to students, such as text messaging or chat, to communicate with them in an engaging way and reinforce learning by creating more opportunities to interact in the target language.


Using digital technology to provide students with individualised teaching will improve learning results and motivation. All combinations are available to you with the possibility to divide students into groups, pairs or assign a playlist to the entire class with different tasks for all students.


You can customize teaching to better suit your students by using all the materials and methods at your disposal conveniently through the same user-friendly interface without limiting your choices. Sanako Study even supports multiple teachers randomly located.

Sanako Students Interface


Using a simple method of dual track recording and allowing students to insert their recordings into a master track/file along with recapping, inserting their own voice and comparing the results in audio graph mode gives the students the tools they need to reinforce learning and stay motivated with visual and auditory feedback.

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